Friday 14 December 2012

Disney Princesses

All the Disney Princess patterns are either complete or have a version available for testing.  Time is beating me but I wanted to have all patterns available before christmas.  If you need help with sewing order message me and I can fill them in for you.

Karen in Tucson has done an amazing job so far in sewing princess blocks.  Her latest is Merida - and I think she came out quite nicely.  Karen - do you have any corrections to the pattern before I take if off the testing list.

Here are the others Karen has done - fantastic job so far.

Monday 3 December 2012

Sirius Revisited

Following a request Sirius has been updated so he matches all my other patterns.  Just follow the link below or go to the Harry Potter page on this blog.

If there are any old patterns you would like me to update let me know.

The new pattern will vary slightly from the sewn sample above.

Will your foot fit the slipper?

This week we have Cinderella another princess who triumphs over adversity - this time a wicked step-mother and evil step-sisters.  With the help of a fairy god mother Cinderella makes it to the ball meets her prince and lives happily ever after (eventually).

The pattern for Cinderella can be found on the Disney Princesses page of this blog.  There are also other patterns now available for testing or for those who just can't wait.

Next week Jasmine from Aladdin