Monday 20 August 2012

And for all you princess lovers

Disney Princesses - Coming Soon

Snow White and Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty)

Ariel and Belle

Jasmine and Giselle (from Enchanted)

Mulan and Cinderella

Still to come Pocahontas, Rapunzul and Tianna from Princess and the Frog.

Lion King Teaser

This is a new project I'm working on.  Patterns have not been tested yet but will be soon.  It's for all you Lion King Lovers out there.  

Hyenas - Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

 Mufasa and Sarabi

Simba (Adult and Cub) and Nala


 Timon, Za-Zu and Pumba

I'm back

After a manic couple of months sewing this quilt I feel like I am back to normal.  You know when you think you have plenty of time to finish a project and then you get the flu and everything goes to hell - well that was me.  As soon as I realised I was not going to make the deadline I relaxed and the rest of the process became easier.

I started planning this project about a year ago.  My nieces 21st was coming up and she suggested I make her a quilt using the Birth of Venus but with her face.  As usual I said no problem, but then of course I had to make it.

For those not familiar with the painting this is it -

As it is a very wide painting not suitable for a quilt I cropped it to this size -

I think this gave the most attractive bits for the quilt.

Then I had to draft the pattern and use my nieces face -

So this is the finished quilt.  I don't think it turned our too badly.  A lot of the detail I did with quilting as to piece would have been too fiddley.  I probably would not have chosen the fabrics I did if I was just sewing a quilt of squares but I think they quite accurately reflect the colours of the painting.

It is called Birth of Nikita - hope she likes it.