Thursday 18 October 2012

Halloween Blog Hop

Somehow I missed out on the last blog hop that one of my friends hosted recently so I was keen to participate in this one.

Being Australian Halloween is very small here compared to the USA.  However for some reason literally hundreds of kids come to our street every Halloween.  I boycotted last years festivities after my Jack O Lantern that I had lovingly  carved the year before was smashed by a disgruntled teenager after we ran out of candy.

The crowds have gotten so big that groups of my neighbours are now banding together to make getting the candy more of a challenge for the children and also so we don't feel so raped, pillaged and exhausted when it is all over.  The use of tents and sheets etc makes it more of a game and gives the local children more places to hide when they want to scare the trick or treaters.

So to my block.  I wanted to do something a bit scary and not too traditional.  It is called Frankie's Boy and is obviously Frankensteins monster.  I hope you enjoy.  For those who know me already - you know I love doing faces so I couldn't resist another one here.  Just click the link under the photo or go to movies tab on my home page.

For new visitors to my blog I am also doing a series of Disney Princesses (the next one will be out soon).  I have been away from my blog a bit lately as I was overseas in Hong Kong during my children's school holidays and on my first day back my cat was diagnosed with terminal cancer - so forgive if I have been a bit preoccupied.  It was a big shock and she doesn't have much time left.

If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester please message me as I am always looking for new people as I design much faster than I sew.

Frankie's Boy