Tuesday 18 September 2012

By Popular demand - Moaning Myrtle

I have so many patterns that have not ben posted yet.  Most of them are over on fandominstitches.com but if you find any that are not let me know and I will put them on.

Today we have Moaning Myrtle.  I created her in all blues so she looked like a ghost and then overlaid the pieced of her with organza so she had that ghostly shimmer.  That took ages to double layer but was worth it.  She has a finished size of 7 x 8.5 inches,

You can find her on the Harry Potter page. Hope you like her - again.

Moaning Myrtle.


  1. I LOVE this. I like looking at all the paper pieced patterns, and dream of doing them. I am too scared to start.Y'all make it look easy.

  2. My goodness! She's fantastic! What talent you have!

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